Blokhus Klit Camping and Outdoor

Blokhus Klit Camping

Your mental health is right outside your door, which is why we highly value nature and wildlife experiences.

We offer guided outdoor tours as well as new creative and challenging activities close to the forest and beach. There will be cooking on a campfire events and access to herbs and vegetables in the vegetable garden free of charge.

Furthermore, we do offer other interesting activities such as:

Outdoor camping, orienteering and running in terrain, berry and plant collecting, bike tours, swimming in the sea, guided tours, relay race, creative nature art projects and photo trips with our local hunter.

Blokhus Klit Camping  is a family campsite in a cosy and homelike atmosphere. The campsite is situated a few kilometres south of Blokhus on a 12 ha nature ground only 200 meters from Blokhus Klitplantage and 2 km from one of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches. Our units are 100 m2 or more. The campsite is surrounded by big old hedgerows that provides shelter on windy days. We offer lots of space and outdoor experiences in sync with nature.

At the campsite you will find a mini market whit a wide selection of groceries, ice cream, candy and beverages. We have a bake-off sale – please order in advance.

We rent out two types of cabins

At the campsite you will find funny activities to explore on your own; BMX-trail, “Crolf”, football field and you can rent small bikes. We have a covered bonfire place outside the common room, playground with 2 bouncy cushions, and rabbits, birds and goats for petting. You will also find a vegetable garden and apple trees for guests to enjoy free of charge.

Blokhus Outdoor is our newest part of the campsite where we offer accommodation in alternative ways. We have flying tents, big Nordic 20 m2 tents and build-your own-tents. The concept of build-your-own-tent is a fun family activity to create not juts sleeping arrangements but also memories together. We provide settings and materials and you bring the good spirit and desire to build your own camp. Should you need it, we have a few tents for inspiration built already. Following the building process, you will have great time to explore your cooking skills on our campfire. We have a cooking book with recipes and inspiration to cook on a campfire and portable gas stove.

The area has a variety of activities to offer. We highly recommend a visit to the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland, go on a fishing tour, pay a visit to Blokhus Feriecenter Waterpark – free of charge for guests staying at Blokhus Klit Camping, play a round of golf at Blokhus Golfcenter, or visit some of the highly skilled handcrafters in the area. Go on a trip to Blokhus, to experience good shopping and fine dining. In Hirtshals you can pay “Klumpe” the sunfish a visit in the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe,  Nordsøen Ocenarium. The campsite is not far from Aalborg, Hjørring, Frederikshavn or Skagen for day tours.